We must have heard a lot about what pollution is. Yes, as we all know that pollution is something that is not good. pollution is contamination or pollution. This pollution can attack anything, be it air, soil pollution , water pollution , even noise pollution. And what we will emphasize in this article is about air pollution.

Understanding air pollution

Air pollution itself is a condition where the air around it is polluted by chemicals, substances or particles that are negative, or other biological materials that are harmful to humans or other living things. Air pollution or also called air pollution often results in various adverse effects, not only for humans, but also for other living beings and even planet Earth (read: planets in the solar system ) in general.

This air pollution is a condition that describes the air that is not pure anymore (read: the characteristics of clean and healthy air ) because it is polluted by various pollutant substances. The occurrence of air pollution is none other than the impact of human activity itself. The pollutants that pollute the air are mostly in the form of fumes which contain a lot of diseases and other harmful things. So that's why it's called air pollution.

The smoke that causes air pollution is increasingly encountered when the era we are living in is increasingly modern and more and more industrial activities are human. In addition to industrial activities from factories, smoking activities in humans also have a significant impact on the level of air pollution as well as the smoke of motorized vehicles.

Causes of Air Pollution

We have known briefly or general description of what air pollution is. Furthermore, it also explained about what could cause air pollution. there are so many things that can cause air pollution. The cause of air pollution can also be caused by daily activities or activities. some things that cause air pollution include:

Vehicle emission

Vehicle smoke is the easiest cause of pollution for us to meet. This is because the vehicle is a means of transportation that anyone has, both four-wheeled vehicles and cars and motorized vehicles. Vehicle smoke is one of the contributing factors to the huge air pollution. Vehicle smoke that is produced every day by billions of vehicles every second will cause air pollution.

That's why we often find that the rural areas of the air are cleaner and healthier than in urban areas. This is one of the reasons because in rural areas we rarely find motorized or military vehicles, while in cities it is very rare to have motorized vehicles or cars.

Factory smoke

In addition to motor vehicle fumes or cars. Factory smoke is also included in the trigger of air pollution. This factory smoke even contributes immense carbon gas in the air. Factory smoke can also cause or become a trigger for acid rain .

Factory smoke is produced and is usually discharged through a chimney, when it rises to the surface it will be very dangerous and also a contributor of harmful gases. As we all know, the smoke discharged is a form of factory waste that has no function at all. Therefore, the presence of factory waste in the form of gas and discharged in the air is a trigger factor for air pollution.

Cigarette smoke

The cause of air pollution, which in turn is cigarette smoke. As we all know, the fact that smoking is something that is favored by men in Indonesia. Lots of people or men in Indonesia who smoke without having the risk that will occur in the future.

Even though the government and even cigarette producers themselves urge people not to smoke, still people in Indonesia always love the culture of smoking. Cigarette smoke is caused by smoking cigarettes that contain a lot of toxic gas. Just imagine if millions of people every day produce cigarette smoke, then this will certainly be a very easy cause occurrence of air pollution.

Power plants

There are still some conventional power plants that use coal, gas, or oil to produce electricity. As is the case with motorized vehicles which practice the process of burning electricity occurs imperfectly which will produce harmful gases that cause air pollution. The dangerous gases already mentioned are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, dioxic carbon, and particulates. Besides causing air pollution, these harmful gases are also the cause of global warming.

Volcanic eruptions

Besides being caused by human creativity, air pollution can also be caused by nature. Natural factors that cause air pollution occur when volcanoes erupt (read: the cause of volcanic eruptions ). Indonesia is a country located along the plate (read: Indonesia's geographical location ). Because of the influence of Indonesia's geographical location, there are many volcanoes (read: volcanic sign will erupt ). There are many volcanoes in Indonesia that are still active and some of them have a regular eruption cycle every few years. Therefore, it does not rule out the possibility that a volcanic eruption will occur.

Volcanoes that erupt (read: the impact of volcanic eruptions ) are a natural hazard. Not only will this cause a lot of damage and pollution, but this erupting volcano also has a positive impact. Some positive impacts of the volcano are that Indonesia has fertile soil (read: the characteristics of fertile soil ), because the content of volcanic ash and cold lava will cause the soil to become fertile. Volcanic eruptions will certainly emit the name hot clouds, volcanic ash, and also lava (read: lava flood ) or lava.

Some of these things will cause air pollution. Volcanic ash that falls into residential areas will stick anywhere so it will cause the air to become dirty because this ash can fly at any time. This ash vulcanic is very dangerous because it contains several things such as tin metal, copper, zinc, chrome, iron and also silica. This volcanic ash content can cause air pollution.


Agriculture is indeed a very good and beneficial thing for humans. But who would have thought this agriculture could also contribute to air pollution. Agriculture in this modern era is increasingly advanced in the use of chemicals in order to obtain fertile plants and also large spices. One way is to use the insecticide and insecticide.

The use of these chemicals is good for agriculture, but did you know these ingredients also cause air pollution? In insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers there are ammonia and NH3 which are very dangerous for the Earth's atmosphere. These materials turned out to not only cause air pollution, but also water pollution and soil pollution. Ammonia has an effect that can interfere with health and also cause disease. The disease caused by ammonia is bronchitis, which is a disorder of the lungs.


Mining is one of the fields of income for the Indonesian state. This mining is the activity of taking large amounts of minerals in the Earth and also by using large equipment. These mining activities sometimes have a very bad impact, which can produce a lot of chemicals and also dust that has the potential to cause air pollution. Air pollution resulting from this mining activity will be very disturbing to the people who work in the mine field and the communities around the mine.

Household activities

Who says that only air pollution is caused by public activities? It turns out that there are also many household activities that can cause air pollution. Some household activities that play a role in creating air pollution are burning garbage, traditional cooking using firewood, painting houses and using some other household appliances. Garbage is a material that contains a lot of dangerous chemicals, if this waste is burned, the smoke will go everywhere and pollute the air.

Similarly, when we cook using firewood. After that the process of painting the house. Paint that is often used has a distinctive smell that is very pleasant and has high chemicals. this is what can interfere with human health. in addition, the use of certain household appliances can cause substances that share the Earth's atmosphere, such as the use of refrigerators and air conditioners.

Forest fires

The natural disaster which causes air pollution is forest fires. The burning forest will produce smoke scattered everywhere. These fumes are the source of air pollution. That's why many problems arise, especially lung disease in the event of a forest fire. some problems that arise when forest fires occur are the emergence of lung disease and also skin diseases.


Turn to social problems. We still know that in urban areas there must be a place for garbage collection. A place like this is a rubbish heap of people in urban areas. It is not uncommon for a large area of ​​land to be used as a place to collect garbage. This large amount of landfill will only cause air pollution. Not only unpleasant odors, but also various diseases will attack. Among diseases that can attack or arise are lung disorders and also skin disorders.

Illegal logging

The next factor causing pollution or air pollution is illegal logging. Actually this is not the cause of direct air pollution. It's just that we know that one of the main functions of the forest is to neutralize air and absorb various kinds of pollutants in the air. When the forest loses its tree, it can only be imagined how difficult it is to absorb pollutants in the air so that we will find dirty and not cool air again.

Those are some things that cause or trigger air pollution. These things if carried out continuously and there is no decisive action or will definitely cause even more dire effects. Not only air pollution in the small or medium level, but to the point of threatening the safety of the Earth and the living things in it.

Impact of Air Pollution

Air pollution which is a process of pollution in the air, of course, has various effects that we can feel. The impact caused by air pollution is of course a negative impact. The main impact of air pollution is health problems. There are many kinds of health problems that will be caused by the presence of air pollution, more completely and clearly, the following are the effects of air pollution:

The occurrence of respiratory disorders such as lung disorders

Air pollution is very easy to cause various diseases, especially those related to the lungs. This is because air is our only means of breathing, taken from the nose and then to the lungs. This of course will automatically affect the organs responsible for breathing, namely the lungs.

Interfering with skin health, so that the skin will appear dull, degenerate elasticity, premature aging, premature cracking, black spots, and skin cancer.

Causes recurrence of asthma

Asthma is one of the lung-related illnesses and often arises when breathing air that is discharged for some time


Follow-up of respiratory disease is coughing. This cough will often appear when a lot of air is dirty and not sterile

Disruptive views (eg smoke from forest fires in Sumatra)

It causes stress and also rises emotionally

Triggering acid rain.

Air pollution or too long air pollution will trigger this acid rain. the process of acid rain can begin when funds of sulfur or sulfur and also nitrogen react with oxygen in the air. This will certainly trigger the emergence of nitrogen dioxide.

Then nitrogen dioxide then reacts again with water vapor which then forms nitric acid and also sulfuric acid. It is Sam nitrate and sulfuric acid which will fluctuate and condensate to form clouds which then fall into rain. For the effects of acid rain, there is no need to ask again, there are a lot of adverse effects from the acid rain.

Cause global warming

Global warming is a long-term impact of air pollution. Air pollution in the high category and in a period that is not too short will trigger global warming. This is because natural wealth has been sabotaged by humans. Humans who have experienced modernity will do various activities that trigger air pollution and this cannot be reduced. Humans will only control the increase in air pollution with only a few small things. And without realizing it, it turns out that as humans become more modern, the Earth will be increasingly threatened with safety.

Disturb plant growth

Air pollution will also interfere with plant growth. So living things that affect the effects of air pollution are not only humans and animals, even plants feel the consequences. Plants that live in environments with a higher level of pollution will experience several kinds of diseases. Examples of diseases that can attack plants when in a polluted air environment are chlorosis, necrosis, and also black spots.

Those are some of the impacts that can be caused by air pollution. In addition to the impacts described above, there are still other impacts that we can meet and of course are detrimental.

Air Pollution Prevention Efforts

Air pollution is indeed the thing or event that must be watched out, shunned or even eliminated. This is because we all know that air pollution or air pollution is very bad or negative. That is why we as humans as beings who have the right to protect the health of the Mother Earth from irresponsible people. There are several ways that can be done to be used as a solution to face this air pollution. Some of these solutions include the following:
  • Conducting counseling to the community regarding the importance of clean air and also free from pollution
  • Re-enforcing environmental regulations or legislation
  • Filtration of smoke or smoke waste that will be discharged into the free air so as not to endanger the health of the Earth. This must be done mainly by factories or locations that dispose of smoke as one of the wastes.
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels (read: deficiencies and excess fossil fuels ) as power plants or other energy. This is because fossil fuels can produce pollutants which contribute greatly to creating air pollution.
  • Flowing waste gas into seawater (read: sea ​​water ecosystems ) or into a binding solution first before smoke is released into the free-air air, the purpose is to reduce the potential for pollution that can damage and endanger the environment.
  • Using equipment or materials that are more environmentally friendly in everyday life
  • Reduce the number of private vehicles and get used to using public transportation or start a healthy life using a bicycle
  • Changing vehicle fuel into environmentally friendly fuels, such as biogas
  • Maintaining forest sustainability . In other words, it also participates in planting a thousand trees or greening and avoiding people who are intent on evil to the forest.
  • Not deforestation
  • Start planting green plants, starting from the environment around the house and also on the side of the road
  • Develop environmentally friendly technology
  • Participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment around us and not littering
  • Differentiate between organic and non-organic waste
  • Processing non-organic waste that is still suitable to be used as useful items and stockpiling organic waste to become organic fertilizer
  • Reducing excessive use of insecticides because it can contaminate the soil
  • Grow awareness of farmers or agribusiness entrepreneurs not to use forests as agricultural or plantation land. This is because the forest itself is very necessary.

Those are some things that can be done as an effort to reduce air pollution on this Earth. Even though the reality of air pollution on Earth has been too severe, but if we make these efforts together and in a consistent time it will create clean and fresh air, and the formation of pollution-free areas.

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