Have you ever seen a car driver furious in the street because his car was hit by a motorcycle? Maybe he doesn't have motor vehicle insurance. That's why he gets angry and even fights muscle, because he has imagined spending a lot of money for repairs.
If the car is insured, the emotions may be more detained. Because of the money he spent to make the car return a little more smoothly.

Must Follow Procedure

If an incident occurs, simply claim damages to the insurance company, and the car / motorbike can recover as usual without having to spend deeply. But, to ensure liquid motor vehicle insurance claims, be sure to follow the vehicle claim procedure correctly.

Car / motorbike insurance claim procedures are quite easy. The important thing is we are careful and do not underestimate administrative matters.

The following is the claim for motor vehicle damage insurance:
1. First step

If an accident occurs that makes the vehicle damaged, immediately photograph the damaged part. This is especially if the vehicle is heavily damaged or even unable to walk. This photo is important as proof of an insurance claim later.

2. Prepare documents

In the insurance policy there is information about documents that must be prepared to file a claim. Prepare all the files to bring to the workshop. These conditions include:
  • Photocopy of insurance policy
  • Photocopy of SIM and vehicle registration

Police certificate (if the vehicle is severely damaged in a severe accident)

3. Visit the partner workshop

After the file is collected, go to the partner workshop and say you want to claim insurance. The partner workshop will contact the insurance company and survey the damage. Don't go to a non-partner workshop and immediately service. Then, yes, the claim is rejected.

If an accident causes a damaged car to occur outside the city, immediately contact the insurance company representative office in the area. Then tell the incident and ask for instructions to make a claim there. The maximum limit for contacting an insurance company is 3 x 24 hours after an accident.
4. Fill in the form

When in the workshop, we will be presented with a claim form. Fill out the form as clearly and honestly as possible. Do not underestimate the details of events such as what time, road number, and so on. Then, don't try to lie, because they will definitely check.

If not, that means no intention to claim. The reason is, if the data on the form does not match what is on the field, one hundred percent will be rejected!

After all the steps above are passed, just wait for news from the workshop. If the damage is only a little blisters, 2-3 days have passed. Maximum 7 days.

But if the damage is very severe, it can take two weeks or even a month to repair. Especially if you have to bring in spare parts from overseas, aka imports. The item is only available after getting an order.

So if the workshop says you have to order spare parts first, ask for certainty when the vehicle can be taken. Especially for cars, most insurance companies now provide replacement vehicles for cars that have to stay in the garage for a long time.

And generally there is a sticker "replacement car PT ... bla ... bla ..." attached to the car. If you don't feel uncomfortable with the sticker, you can ask for another car. But the assistance generally ended 5 x 24 hours after our car entered the garage.

That is the step by step procedure for claiming car and motorcycle insurance in general.

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